Thank you for submitting your responses. Please see your assessment outcome below.

We have mapped your scores on three dimensions – Personal motivation, Workplace and Home life.

This graph is a representation of how your career stage looks like right now. If the three sub charts are proportionate, it means your career is satisfactory and should you want further growth, you could push yourself further on any of the three aspects.Should these charts not be in proportion, you may need to work on the area(s) that is skewed. The recommendations provided below reflect this.

Please hover your cursor over the chart to see your scores in each area

Your workplace related scores indicate that you may need to upskill or better demonstrate your skills and the impact you are making.
Your personal motivation related scores indicate that you may need motivation to seek career advice from peers and others to excel professionally.
Your home life related scores indicate that you may need to make your family invested in your professional growth.