This section provides some resources and inspiration for women to grow in their careers. By sharing these resources, we don’t necessarily endorse all the views shared by the original authors/ publishers. The idea is to spark introspection and dialogue by reading different perspectives on career growth. We are not liable for any actions taken by you as a result of reading these articles.

The career advise your probably didn't get

With over 4 million views, this TED Talk by Susan Colantuono pushes viewers to look beyond soft skills in their career growth

Seize your Career

A collation of ten real life case studies that show women at the center of workplace dynamics, this slim book was dubbed a must read by The Hindu Business Line newspaper.

7 Leadership lessons men can learn from women

his article from The Harvard Business Review describes why asking women to emulate senior men may be a bad decision for career progression.

Is remote working better for women's careers

Read perspectives on how you can leverage working from home for career development.

Centered leadership

How women can grow into leadership positions

Money can be a leveller and source of power for women

Read how Sally Krawcheck, once most powerful woman on Wall Street, now empowers others through financial feminism.