Happy Hexagon

A framework for understanding and effectively managing your career.


Why do some people have long and distinguished careers while others don’t?

Career longevity involves understanding what skills and behaviors are expected as you progress in your career. Happy Hexagon is a propreitary framework developed as a result of observing how successful people grow in their careers.

The focus of the framework is to empower individuals to take charge of their careers by identifying capabilities across 6 areas.



+ Investors, industry leaders, regulator

+  Peers, Business Unit Head

Your manager, Your client



Strategy, Leadership, Sponsorship/ Mentorship

Project management, Taking initiative, Innovation

Subject matter expertise, Ability to follow instructions

If you have been working for at least five years, you may know that expectations from professionals change over time. Organisations expect you to grow into new  roles – whether through experience or by purposeful skilling. Alongside technical skills, the ability to influence and work with people, ideate and take risks becomes equally important.

What isn’t often discussed is that skill development is also dependent on our personality, motivation, social conditioning and the external  environment. It is therefore unsurprising to see many technically qualified people making moderate progress in their careers. Similarly, honing just your soft skills may lead to career stagnanation.

The Happy Hexagon framework helps  professionals prioritise their development by taking into consideration internal and external factors.